Monday, 24 October 2016


My inspiration for the name of this hat was the one and only most beautiful diva Dita Von Teese...
She is my ultimate source of inspiration.
I am obsessed with her look, her lingerie, her style, her hair, make-up and personality!
I basically adore her!
This hat is my tribute to her...

This is the "Dita" pillbox hat.

A petite, hand blocked buckram pillbox hat , covered with black velvet, decorated with a fabulous curled bouquet of black horsehair and brown and black coque feathers, finished with 3 teardrop shape black beads and vintage black French lace.
It's completely hand sewn following traditional millinery techniques.
This elegant headpiece is lined with a bright red fabric and is worn on a millinery black elastic.
As every pillbox hat, it looks great pushed forward toward the side but also sits beautifully at the back of the head (crown) in an elegant Jackie O' style!
The "Dita" Hat is part of "The Pretty Hat" collection.

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