Sunday, 20 November 2016


I named this hat after my favourite dress EVER by The Pretty Dress Company...the Fatale white and red Sorrento pencil dress...
From all the dresses I own by this brand, (more than 50...) this white and red Fatale is my's so me! It is my signature dress!!
So...I've designed this beautiful headpiece to match this dress.

This is the "Sorrentina" hat.

A medium, hand blocked buckram "Smartie" cap base, covered with white fabric and a beautiful fine white lace.
This headpiece is decorated with a single red rose, white "Merry Widow" veil, a curled ivory quill with a pearl at the end and finished with two crinoline "Loop bows" attached to the cap base with hand sewn ivory pearls.

The "Sorrentina" Hat is part of "The Pretty Hat" collection and it is completely hand sewn, lined with a bright red fabric and is worn on a beige millinery elastic.

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