Saturday, 16 September 2017


My inspiration for the name of this headpiece was the gorgeous feathers of the peacock's tail.

Mayur is a male indian name meaning peacock...
India, my spiritual home, came to my mind in the moment I was inspired by those wonderful feathers...
I remember the dozens of peacocks wondering around every palace, temple, monument and other public places in India...
Majestic animal...full of pride and totally noticeable...same as this headpiece!

 This is the "Mayur" Crown.

A medium, hand blocked buckram crown , covered with golden fabric, decorated with a dramatic and outstanding fan of peacock tail eyes feathers and finished in the back with 2 fabulous curled bouquets of black coque feathers.
It's completely hand sewn and blocked following traditional millinery techniques.
This truly sophisticated and elegant headpiece is secured with a black elastic.
The design of the “Mayur" crown is both stunning and elegant...

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